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Kamposa: Buy From And Sell To Students Within Campuses In Nigeria

Kamposa is a classifieds site designed specifically to promote buying and selling among students in higher institutions in Nigeria.

Having seen a gap, based on claims that most classifieds website aren't targeted to meet specific needs of tertiary institution students within and outside the same campus, Adavize Ozorku and Hassan Adeiza, both co-founders of Kamposa, saw the opportunity to create a platform to solve the problem.

How Kamposa works
Kamposa does not require users to create an account to place an advert. Users are only required to fill a form stating their school, full name, item to be sold, price tag, category, description, photo of the item and their contact.
All advert listing are reviewed for genuineness before they are published on the site.

Following a period of 21 days after publish, they will be removed so as to avoid unnecessary hoards of ads. To encourage engagement, the platform utilizes features like text messaging services to update students on campus-related adverts and a Shout box feature, which enables the student notify others if they need something to buy.

Kamposa boasts of support from over 200 academic institutions including private, state and federal owned universities and polytechnics. It is not exactly clear if this support relates to an agreement with the institutions or a business relationship with the students. But one thing is clear in this niche market, a solid grip on both parties, as well an excellent delivery of service would be imperative in getting Kamposa into its groove.

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