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How to Improve Nutritional Value of Breast Milk

There are some things that have been shown to boost supply, and you can use them as a supplement to your diet.

- Oatmeal has been known to boost milk supply. A bowl of oatmeal daily, or even oatmeal cookies, may give you a greater supply.

- Quinoa, a seed that is cooked like rice, has been used by traditional societies during lactation and is said to boost milk production. Quinoa can also be sprouted.

- There are various milk teas on the market. No, these aren't teas made with milk. There made with herbs that are supposed to boost milk production.

- Fenugreek is an herbal supplement you can take which many women have found helps boost milk production. You know you're taking enough when your sweat smells like maple syrup.

- Gaia Herbs Lactation Support: I have personally used this herbal caplet with great results. There may be similar supplements available too.

Your Diet

Though the above supplements can work, if you're suffering from low milk supply you should examine your diet. Experts say poor nutrition doesn't cause low milk supply. However, poor nutrition can eat up your own nutrient reserves, causing stress and exhaustion for you.
You have heard that it really doesn't matter what you eat, you'll still make milk for your baby (and it's still better than formula!) Well, thats true but a higher quality diet makes higher quality milk. And a high-quality diet can help you to have abundant milk. There may really be times when milk supply can't be boosted but improving diet is one of the most basic steps to try and will benefit you no matter what the outcome.

Fats are Vital

The first step to take is to examine your fat intake. No, I'm not going to tell you to cut out the fat. In fact, I'm telling you the opposite. Make sure you're getting enough fat. Be sure you're eating good fats good fats are traditional fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, tallow, and lard. Avoid new industrial oils (such as corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated oils) like they're a plague they are!!

How Much are You Eating?

Next up are you eating enough. Don't obsess over pounds just be sure you're getting what you need for your baby.
Pregnancy and nursing do cause nutritional stress on your body. You're growing a new person. You're not going to be able to eat as if it were just you. You left those days behind when you conceived your child! Farmers know that the most critical time to feed animals well is when they're nursing a new baby the same is true for humans. You need plenty of food to make milk.
Cut out unhealthy foods. Processed foods, sugars, excessive carbs. Get rid of those things if you feel like you need to cut back on something. But eat healthy foods liberally to satisfaction. And don't lie to yourself. If you're still hungry after supper, have a small snack at bedtime. If 3 meals a day aren't cutting it for you (they don't for many nursing mothers!) have snacks between your meals.
Eating plenty of food, and getting plenty of fluid, boosts your milk supply. You would not believe how many mothers I have ask me about milk supply who admit, when I ask them about what they ate that day, oh, I had coffee for breakfast, and a small salad for lunch. I'll probably have a little bowl of pasta for supper. I just don't have time for anything else.

An Overall Effect

These dietary improvements are all beneficial to your overall health. They're not a miracle cure for low milk supply. But by taking steps to improve your nutrition you are well on the way to creating better health for you, and good diet often directly correlates with the quality of milk you make for your baby.

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