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Filing complaint against any of the mobile network in Nigeria

Issues are consistently arising from consumers of mobile networks here in Nigeria, many have recently openly complained of indirect exploitation from either of the four network service providers ( MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT) here in Nigeria, in Mr. Bassy's own words, "sometimes I get frustrated when I cannot even get a good feedback from these network's direct customer care lines"

Obviously In these days:
- Of serious network congestions
- that mobile lines are disconnected at will with no prior notice served to the owner
- mobile that theft
- that mobile network mast are beginning to posse health treats to citizens are consumers themselves
- where complains channel to network operators customer care are never resolves or restored.

Consumers have cried their eyes out for help and as a result, the Nigeria communication commission (NCC) has recently launched a direct complaint platform where end users can formally raise cases against any of the mobile networks here in Nigeria.

Use the link giving below to report against

1. faulty billing
2. call center / customer care misbehaviors
3. faulty terminal
4. poor Internet service fraud
5. recharge card issues
6. SIM challenges
7. Mobile network portability and any other issue.

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