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Top 5 Shopping Malls in Nigeria 2016

Shopping is an exciting experience especially when it comes with the thrill of walking through a gargantuan building were you are likely to find the things you need and the things you didn't know you want. Nigeria offers a lot of places where you can get almost everything you want and still not get enough because new items that seem to be available everyday will make your shopping experience worthwhile. If you live in Nigeria or just visiting for the first time, and haven't experienced the joy of shopping then you should visit these shopping malls that are in review.

1. The Palms
The Palms has become the archetype of what is expected to be discovered in a shopping mall. Located in Lagos, this shopping mall occupies 11 acres of land and expansion work is still ongoing. It is massive, beautiful, exciting and has lots of business openings. It's no doubt it is built to rival international standard. It's a must visit for everyone in Lagos.

2. Ado Bayero Mall
A great mall in Kano. Ample parking space, well built with 5 movie screens, Shoprite and Game Departmental stores as the anchor shops as well as the famous Filmhouse Cinemas for the latest movies this is a place to be.
Fully enclosed and air-conditioned with serene and safe environment for children and family visits.
You will find toys, eatables, fruits & vegetables, home & garden supplies, office supplies, electronics, clothing, tools, beauty products, mobile network vendors (buy mobile phones and lines also register your line), banks (ATMs, account opening and other bank services), etc

3. Ikeja City Mall
For a mall located in the capital of Lagos, it is not surprising that it made the list. The shopping experience here will want you to come back for more. Whether it's during the day or at night, there will always be something interesting the mall will offer. Movie, food, books and many more are the things you will be treated to.

4. Jabi Lake Mall
Jabi Lake mall located in Abuja is one of a kind. There is a massive parking space, most major retailers are there. You can shop for anything from groceries to furniture; you can hang out by the lake with your family while enjoying meals cooked by the restaurants. Rest rooms are neat, it's worth a visit. Security is guaranteed and they are friendly too. It is your perfect place to hang out on Sundays.

5. Spar Shopping Mall
Located in the city of Port Harcourt is a unique place for family shopping. All items needed for family use are always available. Fruits, drinks, household wares etc. Need customized home & office furniture to suit your need and taste with it's made to order furniture service, you can be the proud owner of something original and unique.
Whether you are looking for a small, intimate dinner party or a large catered reception, SPAR private catering service is happy to assist you in creating the perfect event.

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