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Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers in Nigeria

An online newspaper is a newspaper that exists on Internet, either separately or as an online version of a printed newspaper. Being online has created more opportunities for Nigerian newspapers in presenting latest news in a timelier manner.

Below is a list of the top 10 most popular online newspapers in Nigeria. The list is based on Alexa's three months traffic trail of the respective websites. Alexa is a web information company that continually crawls all publicly-available websites to create series of snapshots of the web. The rank is estimated using a combination of average daily visitors to the site and page views on the site over a 3 months period. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked number one. Google is currently ranked number one in the world by Alexa.

Like I mentioned above, the rank is calculated based on page views and daily visitors, so don't be surprised if a low traffic site is ranked higher than a high traffic site; this is because the high traffic site has a high bounce rate that is, most or some of its visitors view only one page and then leave the site.
Note: We did not include celebrity news/gossip websites like linda ikeji blog.

1: Vanguard Newspaper
The Vanguard, a printed newspaper in Nigeria, created its online version in December 1999. Vanguard online newspaper tops the list as the most popular online newspaper in Nigeria based on alexa traffic rank. The high traffic is due to the fact that vanguard has some sub domains that are not related to news like, and others. Although visits to these sub-domains are negligible, they contribute to the overall traffic rank of the site.
Vanguard online newspaper gets about 372,000 visits daily. It has about 141,000 followers on twitter and about 510,000 Facebook fans.
Visit their website at

2: Punch
Punch stands as number two on the list according to Alexa traffic rank. Punch is one of the most read printed newspapers in Nigeria; so it's no surprise that its online version which was created in 2003 is also widely read.
Punch has about 249,000 Facebook fans, 113,000 twitter followers and gets about 259,000 visits per day.
Visit their website at

3: The Nation Newspaper
The Nation's online newspaper was created in 2009. It has very neat and easy to read website layout compared to the top two on this list.
The Nation online newspaper has 23,000 twitter followers, gets about 147,000 visits per day, it has around 44,000 Facebook fans.
Visit their website at
4: Information Nigeria
Information Nigeria is one of the newspapers in Nigeria that are completely online; no print version. Information Nigeria was created in 2009 and has been able to compete with widely read print newspaper's online version. It comes fourth in our list of the most popular online newspapers in Nigeria beating ThisDay, Guardian and others.
Information Nigeria gets about 108,000 visits per day. It has about 244,000 Facebook fans and 26,000 twitter followers.
Visit their website at

5: Sahara Reporters
Also completely online, Sahara Reporters have been able to beat a lot of print newspapers to claim the number 5 spot on this list. The website was created in 2006.
They get about 143,000 daily visits and about 154,000 Facebook fans.
Sahara Reporters do not have an "advertise with us" page but rather they have a "support us" page where people are encouraged to contribute generously to their good work. However they do have adverts on their site that were not provided by Google. So I guess they do accept adverts on their site.
Visit their website at

6: ThisDay Newspaper
ThisDay print newspaper which is arguably the most prestigious newspaper in Nigeria created its online version in 2009 and it takes the number six spot on this list.
ThisDay has about 55,000 twitter followers, 90,000 visits per day and 100,000 Facebook fans. ThisDay online is the most expensive online newspaper and probably the most expensive website in Nigeria in terms of advertising. Their advertising rate could be as high as N3.5 million monthly.
Visit their website at

7: Tribune
Tribune is the seventh most popular online newspaper in Nigeria also available in print.
Tribune gets about 113,000 visits per day, 128,000 Facebook fans and about 6,500 followers on twitter.
Advertising on tribune online newspaper cost about N980, 000 per month.
Visit their website at

8: The Sun Newspaper
The Sun is the eight most popular online newspaper in Nigeria its online version of the sun newspaper was created in 2003.
The sun online newspaper gets about 103,000 visits per day and about 4,000 twitter followers with 36,000 Facebook fans.
A text link advert in sun online newspaper costs about N19, 000 per month while a banner ad can cost up to N450, 000 monthly.
Visit their website at

9: The Guardian
The online version of The Guardian newspaper was created in 1997 making it the oldest online newspaper on this list.
The Guardian online newspaper has about 76,000 visits per day and has about 71,000 Facebook fans with 53,000 twitter followers.
Advertising directly in the guardian online newspaper costs about N220,000 monthly for their campus life page and about N800,000 monthly on their front page.
Visit their website at

10: Daily Post
Daily post is the third of the three online newspapers on this list without a print version and ends our list of the top ten most popular Nigerian online newspapers.
Daily post gets about 60,000 daily visits per day, with 105,000 Facebook fans and about 41,000 followers on twitter.
Daily post does not have an "advertise with us" page, the adverts present on the site were provided by Google.
Visit their website at

There you have it, the top 10 most popular online newspapers in Nigeria. Hope it was informative enough.

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